When the quirkiest girl at Nelson High tries to win over the hottest guy on the football team, it disrupts the entire social order of the school. This series follows four of the Nelson High Raiders and the unlikely girls who win their hearts.

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Can the quirkiest girl in school win over the coolest guy on the football team?

If you're a fan of small-town football, field parties, high school angst and melt-your-heart kisses, then you'll love The Playmaker.

"This series and writing kind of reminds me of Abbi Glines and her 2 series. I loved them and after reading this book I have no doubts that I'll love this one too...This book made me happy and I was smiling during pretty much the entire thing. I'm so excited to read the rest of this series." ★★★★★

"I absolutely loved this book! The characters are very well developed and I fell in love with them instantly...I felt like I was in high school again; living vicariously through Tori. Her quirky attitude and free spirit had me laughing throughout the book...The ending is perfect! I can't stop smiling." ★★★★★

He’s never wanted a girl more, but she’s not the type to fall for a star quarterback. Can the popular jock win over this feisty new exchange student?

If you’re a fan of simmering romance, youthful pranks and a dash of mystery, then you’ll love this YA contemporary sports romance.

"It was like Grease and a John Hughes film made a beautiful baby, and that baby was The Red Zone. Swoontastic and real! We all sort of fell in love with Mack in The Playmaker but now we get the full wonderful experience. Kaija was a bit to get used to but once she started finding herself you started loving her too. Secrets and rumors are the bedrock of high school drama but sometimes it's more serious and needs compassion and not ridicule. A dynamic mix of drama and first love." ★★★★★

She’s the last person he has time for, but Finn’s never been able to turn his back on someone in trouble. Can the kind-hearted offensive lineman be won over by Nelson High’s party girl?

If you’re a fan of redemptive love, nail-biting tension and protective book boyfriends, then you’ll love The Handoff.

"So what can I say, Jordan Ford gets me with every book. I read the first page and *woosh * it's like I'm being pulled right into the story ♥" ★★★★★

"This books is absolutely amazing! Seriously, it gave me real feels that could not be denied. Any person who reads this book will love it- I guarantee it!" ★★★★★

She’s a tomboy with a crush. He’s her best friend with a secret. Will either of them have the guts to admit they’re falling for each other?

If you’re a fan of tenacious characters, heated kisses, loyal teammates and a surprising mystery, then you’ll love Shoot the Gap.

"I must say that this book was way more than I was expecting. I mean my hopes we're high, but the book completely blew me away." ★★★★★

"First of all, hands down, favourite one of the series. It's The Duff meets Mean Girls...All in all, one of the best books I've read all year and I'm heartbroken that this was the last one in the series.I am looking forward to reading more from Jordan." ★★★★★

A special addition to the Nelson High Raiders series...

This journal is filled with images, quotes and special moments from the books. Jordan has written some personal notes of thoughts she had while writing the series, plus (because so many readers asked for it) she's included a snapshot of each couple one year after the Nelson High Raiders finished.

If you finished the Nelson High Raiders and weren't quite ready to say goodbye to the characters, then this journal is made for you.