Set in New Zealand, this series follows the lives of six teenagers who are thrown together unexpectedly after a car accident kills their parents. Can these three families merge to become one? And is love enough to mend their broken hearts?

“The Forever Love series is perfect for young adults, I firmly believe it will help many teenagers that struggle with a variety of problems ranging from anxiety, depression, bullying to low self-esteem, fear, abuse. There is something for everyone here, and it's so wonderfully presented and dealt with that I know it could change someone's life.” ★★★★★

"What really stands out about Jordan Ford is her unrivaled ability to make you feel something. Her heart-wrenchingly beautiful novel, City Girl Vs Country Boy, in particular, is an incredibly heartfelt and enchanting tale that beautifully captures the clash of two worlds that only the power of love can bridge. Ford's storytelling prowess shines through with every page, effortlessly intertwining humor, romance, and poignant moments.   
Jordan Ford has a particular strength in character development, making each character resonate with the reader and adding emotional depth to her stories. If you're a fan of gut-punching, swoon-worthy romance novels that restore your faith in true love, then Jordan Ford is an author to follow.   
City Girl Vs Country Boy is considered one of the Best Cow Boy Romances by Epic Book Society."

- Epic Book Society

This series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

LATEST NEWS: The Forever Love series is going to be available in audiobook. City Girl vs Country Boy released in January 2022 on a wide range of audiobook distributors. 

A kind boy. A grief-stricken girl. A chance for love neither expected…

City Girl vs. Country Boy is the first book in the Forever Love sweet YA contemporary romance series. If you like powerful attractions, emotional twists and turns, and heart-wrenching family drama, then you’ll adore Jordan Ford’s touching novel.

"You know that elusive book hangover we all long for? Jordan delivers that and so much more with City Girl vs Country Boy." ★★★★

"What an absolutely glorious start to a new series! The emotional rollercoaster is complemented by terrific character development, believable plot twists, some truly exceptional dialogue and wonderful world-building. Jordan Ford is a truly talented young-adult fiction author and has produced yet another must-read novel." ★★★★★

She’s closed her heart to protect her family. Can he open it back up to let love bloom?

Broken Girl vs Fix-It Boy is the second book in the poignant Forever Love YA contemporary romance series. If you like tear-jerking moments, triumphant journeys, and characters with depth, then you’ll adore Jordan Ford’s emotional love story.

"An emotional rollercoaster of a ride. I was about a third of the way through the book, when I couldn't sleep one night, so I finished it. I cried big ugly tears, I laughed, I rejoiced, I had 'the feels' of all the anguish, pain, laughter, friendship." ★★★★★

"I am speechless. Broken Girl vs Fix-It Boy has taken me to another level of emotions. The feels this story gives me, it’s so heartfelt." ★★★★★

A second-place sister. A first-rate jock. Can the light of love shine through the darkest pain?

Shy Girl vs Popular Boy is the third story in the touching Forever Love YA contemporary romance series. If you like sweet high-school settings, sisterhood bonds, and sensitive takes on real-world trauma, then you’ll adore Jordan Ford’s rollercoaster journey.

"This book is so sweet. It touched every part of my heart… I love this thrown-together family dealing with their pain and loss and trying to rebuild their lives. Jordan Ford has created magic with this series." ★★★★

"I truly could not love this series more… This is a perfect third instalment to a series that is quickly becoming one of my absolute favourites. The emotions are genuine, the relationships so honest, and the traumas so raw..." ★★★★★

A protective boyfriend. A girlfriend who wants to fit in. Can love give them the strength to face the ugly secrets they’re hiding?

Outcast Girl vs Pretty Boy is the fourth story in the heartfelt Forever Love YA contemporary romance series. If you like love stories with a twist, family secrets, and characters you can root for, then you’ll adore Jordan Ford’s candid romance.

"I love, love, love this series and this novel so much more than I can express in words." ★★★★★

"Another exceptional book in this remarkable series. I absolutely love the realism of the emotional rollercoaster the author takes us on through the most thoughtfully created characters I've read in YA-fiction in a long time. This series really does have me feeling ALL the feels." ★★★★★

They’ve crossed the line from friendship into romance, but can they figure out how to navigate this new terrain without losing what they once had?

Lost Girl vs Wounded Boy is the fifth story in the emotional Forever Love YA contemporary romance series. If you like family dramas where secrets are challenged and relationships are put to the ultimate life or death test, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s dynamic romance.

"Prepare yourselves people because Ms. Ford will take you apart and put you back together in this one. And you won't be the same… P.S. I love Hayden even more now and I want one ♥️♥️♥️♥️" ★★★★★

"This is a series that will break your heart into pieces and works its magic to put the pieces back together and will stay with you long after reading. One of my all-time favourite series I have ever read, and I read a lot. And the author in my opinion is one of the best ya romance writers." ★★★★★

She’s trapped in an abusive relationship. He’s always been nothing but trouble. Can this unlikely hero be the one to save her?

Fractured Girl vs Reckless Boy is the sixth story in the emotionally charged Forever Love YA contemporary romance series. If you like heart-wrenching love stories filled with raw emotion and thrilling drama, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s breathtaking romance.

"Fractured Girl vs Reckless Boy is my favorite book in the series so far. I absolutely loved Willow and Manu together!" ★★★★★

"These books have been so endearing to me and have really taken a big spot in my soul. Willow’s story is so overwhelming and the way she finds the courage to stand up and give herself a voice is amazing." ★★★★★

He’s lost one too many times to trust in love, but can the sweet smile of a new schoolteacher change his mind?

Wandering Girl vs Torn Boy is the final story in this Forever Love family saga – a YA contemporary romance series. If you like heartfelt romance filled with tender emotion and simmering chemistry, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s touching novel.

"A million thumbs up Jordan Ford for bringing such a beautiful series to life!!!" ★★★★★

"I really love this series and it has easily become one of my favorite contemporary romance series. Seeing what all these characters have gone through and how they found love, happiness and a family has been amazing." ★★★★★