Misfits Remix is a simmering YA romance series set in an elite academy school where class differences are put to the ultimate test. If you love Romeo and Juliet vibes and Jordan Ford's classic "found family" friendships, then this dance series is made for you.

At Haven Academy, if you're not a rich kid, you're a charity case. The two don't mix. And they certainly don't fall in love...

Troublemaker, Maverick, knows he doesn't belong in the wealthy hallways of the elitist boarding school, but he's still managed to make some friends along the way. Outcasts just like him—the Haven Misfits, a newly formed dance crew trying to prove everybody wrong about them. There's only one unspoken rule in his crew—don't fall for the pretty rich girls. But when he comes across one with a bleeding lip and tears in her eyes, all rules are forgotten.

Londyn knows to steer clear of the school's bad boys, but when she's assaulted by one of her own, it's Maverick who's there taking care of her. He makes her feel safer and more protected than the gates her family and friends hide behind. He's her knight, and her friend, and then...something so much more. 

But can this fairytale romance last?
As their newfound feelings are exposed, it threatens the truce that keeps the two worlds living in harmony, and when a war breaks out between the haves and the have nots, friendships, loyalties and their hearts are put on the line…


Selah’s one of the richest students at Haven Academy. Dante’s a charity case. They shouldn’t mix, but a ballroom dancing contest is about to pull them together…

Selah never asked to be rich and she never asked to be born into a family where tradition and appearance mean everything. Boarding at Haven Academy is a welcome relief, but it doesn’t get her out of having to compete at the annual ballroom dancing competition her parents host in their home town. And then she loses her dance partner…

Her parents will be furious and no doubt blame her for what’s happened. She’s freaking out over what to do when the last solution she ever thought possible appears in the form of Dante Arden.

Accused of being a perpetual smart-mouth with no hope of a decent future, Dante’s used to people’s skepticism, but he’ll do just about anything to help Selah fall in love with dancing.

He’s always been curious about the quiet, quirky bookworm and watching her come out of her shell is a thing of beauty. As one step turns into two, the duo challenge each other in ways they never expected. And with the competition drawing closer by the day, they’re ready to break all the rules if it means one more dance together…


He’s rich, she’s poor. He plays rugby, she’s a sassy hip hop dancer. Can two people from different worlds seriously fall in love?

Alexia trusts very few people in this world. Having spent her childhood in survival mode, she’s learned to wear a coat of armor and not be afraid of a fight.
But what happens when the guy she wants to fight the most is the one who can get under her defenses with just a smile?

Troy is a rich boy, a rugby player, and his twin brother is an arrogant jerk. She could never trust someone like that, until…
He ends up being the one to help her when she needs it the most, the one to make her laugh when she’s feeling the worst, and the one who will put it all on the line in order to win her heart.

Like fire and ice, these two will sizzle, bringing out the best in each other.
But can their unlikely relationship withstand the pressure of a conniving twin brother and a life outside of Haven Academy that is determined to tear them apart?