Five brothers torn apart by tragedy are making their way back home... and falling in love along the way.

If you like thrilling, fast-paced action, redeemable bad boys and romance that will steal your heart, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s compelling new series.

Bonus Prequel Novella...

It’s a stupid dare. Dangerous. Reckless. Just plain mean.
But it’s a dare… and Shay can’t say no to it.


Lesson #1: Never play Truth or Dare with your ex-boyfriend’s new squeeze, especially if she happens to be pure evil.

Lesson #2: If you are forced to say yes to a dare, remind yourself repeatedly that the haunted house you’re about to break into is not filled with the ghosts of Barrett’s past.

Lesson #3: If your gorgeous next-door neighbor offers you his help, don’t refuse it.

Lesson #4: If you happen to get locked in a freezing, dark cellar with said neighbor, take the chance to keep each other warm and maybe… just maybe… find the courage to tell him that he’s the guy you’ve always wanted.

I Dare You is a fun introduction to the Barrett Boys series. If you’re a fan of friends-to-lovers romance, sweet kisses and confessions by flashlight, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s novella.

Get I Dare You to enter the Barrett Boys world and discover where the mystery of this family began!

He’s on the hunt for a fresh start. She’s trapped in a nightmare she can’t escape. Can love help them make a break for freedom?

The money was supposed to save me...until it got me shot. You don’t steal from Marlo Sloan.

But it led me to her.

Annie’s kind. She’s fierce. She’s making me want to be the man my grandpa believed I could be. A Barrett - strong, dependable. A hero. 

Danger is coming. It’s inevitable. 

I should split before it catches up with me.

But how can I leave Annie and her little brother with their psycho father?

I want to steal her away from this nightmare. Take her to the ranch where I know she’d be safe. But I’m a runaway thief, and the ranch is no doubt a desolate wreck. 

She deserves better than that. 

I have to tell her the truth. Which means she’ll never look at me the same again. I could lose her over this, when all I want to do is keep her safe. 

Grandpa always said, “Barrett boys do the right thing. They don’t cut and run. They stand. They fight to protect the ones they love.”

I was raised to be a Barrett boy.

It’s time I start acting like one.

The Runaway is the first book in a thrilling YA romance series. If you like fast-paced action, redeemable bad boys and romance that will steal your heart, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s compelling novel.

He’ll do anything to save a young girl’s life. She’s a runaway who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Can a carjacking turn into a partnership that will redeem them both?


I may be an asshole, but I’d never intentionally hurt an innocent.

I had to steal her car, though.

To save someone I swore to protect.

I’ve screwed up enough times to turn my life into a wreck.

But I’m not failing on this one.

Maybe this chick can help me.

I don’t want to risk her life, but she’s smart and resourceful, and just might know how to keep us alive.

Kena Chan with her beautiful eyes and knock-out smile.

Grandpa would love her. He always told me to find a girl who was a thinker. “They’re worth their weight in gold, son. If anyone can get you out of a mess, it’s a woman who’s smarter than you are.”

I hope he’s right.

I hope that the Barrett in me can find the strength to fight this battle and get everyone to safety before it’s too late.

The Fighter is the second book in a thrilling YA romance series. If you like high-octane drama, a smoking hot bad boy, fiery banter and sizzling kisses, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s gripping novel.

He’s tasked with protecting a celebrity’s daughter, but with a stalker on the loose and a young woman bent on pretending she’s not famous, his job is nearly impossible.

This job was supposed to be easy.
Babysit Indigo Shaw while she attends her first semester of college.
How hard can that be?

Sure, I’m not officially trained, and I lied to get the job, but that shouldn’t make a difference. I’ve spent most of my life looking out for my twin brother—I’m pretty well trained.

But no one warned me about how stubbornly independent Indigo can be.
All she wants to do is move to this little college town and pretend to be “normal” like everybody else.

But she’s not normal.
She’s a freaking standout. With those beautiful eyes and her rare smiles, it’s impossible not to watch her every move. And I’m starting to worry that I’m not the only one who’s doing that.

My grandpa always told us to protect the ones we love, but he never taught me how to protect someone I’m falling in love with. It’s weird how the stakes suddenly seem a million times higher.

The Protector is the third standalone book in a thrilling YA romance series. If you like protective bad boys, heart-pounding tension and simmering romance, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s enthralling novel.

He agreed to a trip into the wilderness for a chance to win her heart. What he didn’t count on was a chilling murder and a race for their lives.


Carmen is the woman for me. I’ve known it for months now.

There’s only one major problem… she’s with another guy.

But he’s so wrong for her, and this trip is going to be my chance to show her that.

She invited me, that has to mean something.

All I need to do now is get her alone for a few minutes so I can tell her how I really feel.

But then a living nightmare happens—we witness a murder.

And now we’re on the run for our lives.

Carmen and I are finally alone, just the way I was hoping… but not like this.

There’s no time to tell her how I feel when all that matters is keeping her alive.

I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure she gets out of this.

My grandpa told me that there’s no greater love than to give your life to rescue someone else. I’d give my life for Carmen. All I can hope is that I won’t have to…that I’ll be smart enough, brave enough, to get us both out of this vast forest before the killers can eliminate all evidence of their crime.

The Rescuer is the fourth standalone book in a thrilling YA romance series. If you like intelligent sweet guys, nail-biting action and a romance that defies the odds, then you’ll love Jordan Ford’s riveting novel.

New release!

When the only woman he’s ever loved drops back into his life, he comes face to face with a past he wants to forget. Unable to accept his shame, he’s ready to walk away once more… until her life is threatened.


I chose one of the most remote places on Earth, an island paradise, in order to keep my past at bay. Now a piece of it has just walked through my front door.  And not just any piece: an achingly beautiful, hauntingly familiar piece.

Damn, Ashlyn’s sunshine smile and sparkling green eyes are going to ruin me. The connection we used to have hasn’t been lost, I can sense it every time she looks at me. I so want to be the man she deserves, but it’s too late for that now. There are no second chances after what I did. My only option is to walk away…until men with guns lay siege to the island.

I won’t let her become another hostage.

Grandpa once said that life forced me into becoming a warrior. He told me he was proud of my unwavering fight to keep my brothers safe. But I don’t think he meant for me to become a killer. Now I’m once again forced into a role I never asked for, but it’s not like I have a choice.

Because if anything in this world is worth protecting… it’s her.

The Warrior is the final full-length novel in a thrilling YA/NA romance series. If you like strong, complex heroes, a woman who won’t give up, and a chemistry that belongs to destined lovers, then you’ll devour Jordan Ford’s breathtaking novel.

Read The Warrior and see how the power of love can overcome even the darkest enemy and bring a brother home.

Jackson promised to take his best friend to prom, no matter what. But four years down the track and things between them have shifted. Can childhood besties become something more, or will it ruin everything?

Lesson #1: When you’re twelve and you make a deal with your best friend that you’ll go to prom together, don’t do anything to screw that up, even if she does try to seal the deal with a kiss.

Lesson #2: When things get awkward between the two of you, work your way through it and don’t drift apart.

Lesson #3: When she starts dating some guy you don’t like, don’t be shy about telling her the truth.

Lesson #4: When her idiot boyfriend crosses a line, be the first to step up and protect her, because let’s face it, she’s the only girl you’ve ever wanted and maybe it’s about time you tell her that.

I Promise You is a fun epilogue novella to wrap up the Barrett Boys series. If you’d love to revisit the Barrett ranch and check in with each brother as they help Jackson through the ups and downs of young love, then grab your copy for a final farewell to the Barrett Boys. See how the power of love can save, heal and restore.